ELF THC Edibles Candies Gummy Worms


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Color Gradient Two-color
Capacity 50mg
Strain Hybrid
Flavor Gummy Worms
Department Candies
Series Edibles
Cannabinoid Delta-8, THC-P

Brand: ELF THC. ELF THC is your go-to choice for premium THC products, delivering excellence with every product they offer.

Color: Two-color Gradient. Make a fashion-forward choice with our electronic cigarette, showcasing a captivating two-color gradient design that combines classic elegance with a modern twist.

Series: Elf THC Gummies. Elevate your edible adventure with the enticing combination of flavors and cannabinoids, expertly crafted into our Delta 8 + THCP Gummies for your indulgence.

Department: THC Candies. Elevate your edible game with our THC candies, designed to provide consistent and enjoyable results with each serving.

Strains: Hybrid. Elevate your cannabis setup with our innovative hybrid strains, meticulously crafted for both aesthetics and performance, ensuring you have the power to enjoy your favorite Hybrid varieties to the fullest.

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